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Video conferencing Lync integration


We are a mid-size organization with offices scattered around US and we're looking for a video conferencing solution. Currently we use Lync for all our video conferencing needs but we were wondering if we should be aware of any other solution that could be better than Lync or just improve the Lync experience. Obviously, since we're looking around, we're looking for improvement. Anyone having experience with this kind of integration(ex. Lync and Polycom)? Windows envirnment with Lync 2013.

Sorry about the vague description. Let me know if you need more info on our environment.

Thank you!
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1. What issues are you currently having with Lync that you'd like to improve?
2. Is it the video quality?
3. Are you only doing video with internal users or are there external users also joining?
4. How are you sending the video between sites? (i.e. MPLS, standard VPN, etc.)?
5. What kind of bandwidth do you have between sites?
6. How many participants do you have on an average video conference?  Is it typically groups of people or individuals using webcams?
We used www.bluejeans.com to fill in what lync could not. We created bluejeans rooms within lync and that satisfied the requirement on having connections using lifesize, web and polycom systems.