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Word font color through remote desktop


I have a really weird one for you.  A user just called me that when she remotes into her computer from another computer on the network and attempts to edit a Word document saved to her home folder, the font is red?  If you change to font color to automatic or black, it does no good.  I opened the document from my PC directly from her home folder and immediately saw that the font color was set to red.  I changed it to automatic and started typing.  It was blue?  I changed the font color to black and started typing again.  It was blue.  I then attempted to delete the text I typed in and got a horizontal blue line in replacement of the text I had typed in?  What the heck?  What is even weirder is the user now sees the blue line, I see, as red?  Anybody seen this one before?

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"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor
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Looks like the version and change management is switched on. It tracks changes made for later approval. The colors are chosen arbitrary, but represent a different user each time.


Yes, track changes was inadvertently turned on.