Server 2008 RDP free licences expired

I have a server 2008 SP2 running and was making use of the free 90 day licence, I unlocked 2 users Windows Server 2008 RDP CAL's EMB 8 weeks ago asuming they will just kick in when the free licence expire, this licence expired today and my RDP isn't connecting, Can any one give some guidance in this matter please.
John-S PretoriusTechnical Service Manager, Mid-AtlanticAsked:
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John-S PretoriusTechnical Service Manager, Mid-AtlanticAuthor Commented:
I actually figured this out after trying many different approaches - From within the licence server selecting 'Manage Server' I selected rebuild licence database and deleted all licences, after re-keying them and restarting the services I was able to utilize the new licences.
What specific error do users get when they try to connect? Does it say that there aren't any licenses available or that no license server is available (or something else)?
John-S PretoriusTechnical Service Manager, Mid-AtlanticAuthor Commented:
I resolved the issue myself before a valid solution was presented
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