Active directory printer share gpo

I used active directory GPO to share two go printers and two Konica printers with all users in the domain.
The hp's are fine. The Konica are not installing. They all have same settings and same permissions. Any ideas guys ?
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Steve WhitcherSystems AdministratorCommented:
My guess would be that the drivers for the Konica printers aren't installed on or included with the OS on your clients.  

If the users don't have permission to install drivers, that could prevent the printers from being installed.  Do the Konica printers both use the same driver?  If so, log in as an administrator and manually install one of them on a computer.  Then restart or update group policy.  If the issue is that end users don't have permissions needed to install the driver, the 2nd printer should install successfully now that the driver is already there.  (If it is a permissions issue, look into the "Point and Print" settings available in group policy, you may be able to allow users to install drivers from a specific server, without allowing them to install drivers from other sources.)

Another possibility, if it's not a matter of permissions to install the driver, is that your print server doesn't have the driver the clients need.  Make sure that your print server has a driver installed on it that is compatible with your clients.  For example, if you are running a 32 bit OS on your clients and a 64 bit OS on the server, you may need to add the 32 bit driver to your print server so that it can pass it out to the clients.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
What are the error messages that you receive on screen or in the event logs?
Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
in the event log i am getting:

i am getting event ID 4098.
i don't understand why the drivers couldnt be downloaded,
if i go \\printerserver

i will see the printer there, and if i connect i get a message saying, drivers have to be downloaded from "printserver"  if you trust "print server" bla bla bla ....
and if i click yes, everything installs fine.

why it is not installing drivers from print server when GPO is applied.?

 i have the options in user config, windows settings, admin templates, control panel/printers:

don't prompt when installing drivers for a new connection
don't prompt when updating drivers for an existing connection
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Steve WhitcherSystems AdministratorCommented:
When you manually add a printer, are you doing so using an account with administrative privilages?  Do your end users have admin privilages?
Steve WhitcherSystems AdministratorCommented:
Try configuring the setting "Point and Print Restrictions", under Computer Configuration, Policies, Administrative Templates, Printers.  

To start, I would suggest you Enable the point and print restrictions setting, and check the box for "Users can only point and print to these servers", and enter the FQDN of your print server(s) in the text box.  Under security Prompts, choose "Do not show warning or elevation prompt" for both options.
I would also enable the policy setting for "extend point and print connection to search windows update", so that if a computer can't find drivers locally or from the print server, it can check windows update for an available driver.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
See this article, Steve's suggestion should be correct. The article below merely abbreviates on the steps to take
Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
that did not work,
event log shows the following:

the user "PRINTER-NAME" preference item in the printers{GUID} group policy did not apply because it failed with error code 0x800704ec this program is blocked by group policy. for more information contact your system admin. this error was suppressed.
Steve WhitcherSystems AdministratorCommented:
So, just to verify, you:

Enabled the "Point and Print Restrictions" group policy setting (Under Computer Configuration, not User Configuration), checked the box for Users Can Only point and print to these servers, and entered the FQDN of your print server(s) in the text box.  You also set both of the drop downs under "Security Prompts" to "Do not show warning or elevation prompt"

Enabled the group policy setting for "Extend Point and Print connection to Windows Update"


And in the "Printer-Name" preference item, is that configured to map the printer using the FQDN of the print server?

You might also try un-checking the Users Can Only point and print to these servers box in the Point and Print Restrictions setting.  In theory, if you leave the drop downs set but don't check that box, it should open it up to allow the users to install print drivers from any server, not just those specified.
Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
had to enable loopback processing, i guess cause the point and print is a computer based config. !!
Steve WhitcherSystems AdministratorCommented:
Ahh, do you have that GPO applied to an OU containing users?  That would make sense.  If you link those settings to an OU that contains your computer accounts, then loopback shouldn't be needed.  Glad it's working for you though!

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