Windows 2012 R2 -- HyperV template ?

I do NOT have Microsoft System Center.

What sites like below do you recommend so
I can create my own simple step-by-step document
for HyperV template creation ?

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Neither. The first is not really a template, but a patch methodology that, frankly, is valid, but time consuming and painful to the point that you'd pay for system center in two months through labor savings alone.

The second is just asking for corruption.

If you need a cheap alternative, grab MDT. Use it to automate your build process. Then you get a clean sysprepped image from MDT "a template" and can rerun task sequence once every month or two and get an updated, yet still pristine and predictable gold image. Many deployment experts use this approach both within hyper-V/VDI, but also for mass client deployments outside of VDI. It is that robust.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
We use a number of third party Cloud services built on Microsoft's Windows Azure Pack (WAP).

We also deploy clusters for on-premises solutions.

The time it takes to provision a VM in WAP is about the same as it takes us to provision and load a base OS off a Windows Server OS ISO.

If you are looking for a more template driven structure such as base DC, RDS, Exchange, SharePoint, and such then it may be possible with MDT as Cliff mentions.

We use OneNote to store all of our PowerShell and configuration steps as images are searchable in OneNote (PowerShell command snips garnered from the Web for instance). We use ON for our template. :D
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