Windows 2012 scheduled task calls a BAT file issue.

I have created a schedule task on a Windows 2010 server to run a BAT file.  I have already specify the full path of the BAT (for ex: c:\scripts\test.bat) in the Program/Script field and put the full path in the Start-in field (for example c:\scripts).

The BAT runs fine in Windows Explorer.  However, when schedule task calls it, it runs, provides the expected result but it just keeps on running.  

Please advise if anyone has a clue to fix it.

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something in the batch prevents the normal ending. The scheduler service doesn't get a end to the command.
Fix the batch or put a maximum duration to the task. In this later the command will be killed by the service at the end of the duration - with a warning in traces.
It may be a refresh issue in the Task Scheduler screen. Press F5. Does that fix it?
Bill PrewCommented:
Please share the exact BAT file here so we can look at it.

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