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SBS2011 secondary DC with another DHCP server

I currently have the following setup:

Site 1 SBS2011     Domain A - 192.168.0.x -
Site 2 Win 2k8      Domain B - 192.168.25.x -

New Server Win 2012 - 198,168.25.x to be installed on Domain A - as secondary DC with DHCP

Both sites are connected via site to site VPN

i will be installing a secondary server on Domain A and removing Domain B.

End goal will be to have both servers hosting there own DHCP servers on one domain, so clients PC's can obtain there own IP's for each site. I'm sure you can have two DHCP servers as they are across different subnets with no relay agent in between. But any confirmation or ideas would be great
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that will do - site a and site b should not request DHPC from one other
Routers (VPN or native) do not pass DHCP by default, no. It would fundamentally break the broadcast domain model if they did.