Removing old DNS zone after renaming my Windows 2012 R2 domain

I have set up a virtual lab of windows server 2012 and windows 8 clients.

Unfortunately I took a wrong turn right at the start of setting this up. I chose an internal domain name that matched my external domain name. So my external website is and my internal AD domain is

The problem is that I cannot access my website from the internal client PCs and servers. I'm presuming this is because I have a matching zone internally.

I also presume I could add a new A Record to my internal DNS zone (www) pointing to my websites IP address.

However I decided that I should try to rename my domain to

I followed this guide, which seem to be successful at every step.

I now have a renamed domain but still cannot access my website. Im guessing that this is because the old zone still exists in DNS.
If I delete that zone I can then access my website but I then start to have problems adding client PCs to the newly named domain.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
If this is a lab, why not just rebuild it? Renaming domains almost never goes well. In the rare case where this needs to happen in production, it is far better to use tools like ADMT to actually migrate objects to a clean AD infrastructure.  There are just too many places where, once coded, a domain name is tattooed and doesn't change even with domain rename tools and techniques.
roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
Well I thought I would give it a try - that's what a lab is about after all. I beginning to think that I might start again with the domain.

This whole renaming process was prompted by the problem of accessing my website. Is there a simple way of resolving that other than adding a www host entry. Can I somehow tell my DNS to always forward requests for
Cliff GaliherCommented:
None that aren't as complicated as creating a www record and would still require maintenance.  T'is the drawback of a shared namespace.  Always better to use a unique namespace for AD, whether that is or or company.local.....there are drawbacks to all of those approaches, but in my opinion they are better than a shared namespace across the board.
roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
Ok I'm going to start again with this lab project, this time starting with a workable domain name. Lesson learned.

Thank you for the help.
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