Scan to Email produces error " cannot start Microsoft Outlook. The command line argument is not valid. Verify the switch you are using"

I am using a Brother 8890dw.  Windows 7 64 bit. Microsoft Outlook 2010 64 bit. Email is set up through google apps with the Google apps Outlook sync tool
I have Control Center 3 installed. When I attempt to scan to email I receive the error " Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. The command line argument is not valid. Verify the switch you are using."

I opened Outlook and set it as the default program.
I opened default programs and set Outlook as the default program for email.
In the control center I selected Outlook 2010 as the default.
I tried the Outlook.exe /resetnavpane   without success.

When I navigate to set program access and computer defaults, the option "use my default e-mail program" is selected.  I tick the radio button for " Microsoft Outlook" and press ok but when I go back in the " Use my current e-mail program" is again selected.

I have also run a repair on Microsoft office.   All the other scan functions on the brother work, ie scan to file, scan to image.

Thanks in advance.
ShaneCCService TechAsked:
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Here's the problem:

CC3 does not support Outlook 2010 64-bit
That is from here:

You may want to consider uninstalling the 64-bit Office 2010 and installing the 32-bit version. Here are the reasons as described by Microsoft:

Seems that most users will be better off with the 32-bit version. Here's an independent (i.e., non-Microsoft) article that reaches the same conclusion, saying "...the pros of 64-bit Office may be outweighed by the cons." Although written in 2013-Aug, it's likely still true today, especially for Office 2010. Even for Office 2013, 32-bit may be the way to go:

Sorry for the bad news. Regards, Joe
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I suggest trying this solution from the Brother tech support site:

It shows as being for the MFC-7225N, but will likely work for other MFCs, including your MFC-8890DW.
Regards, Joe
ShaneCCService TechAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks for the quick response. I tried the control center updater tool and it did not help.
ShaneCCService TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I replaced the printer with a newer model that is running Control Center 4.  All is working well now.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome — happy to help. And thanks to you for the update — that's great news! Regards, Joe
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