Placing Logo Into Word Document

How was this logo placed into this word document? I created the attached document in MS Word years ago. I now don't see how I can center the logo. Furthermore, I don't know how I got the logo into the document at all. Please help me decipher this mini-mystery.Letterhead---Copy.doc
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adande3Author Commented:
I should have mentioned that I tried that prior to posting here. However, I just tried it again, and it works. I think the issue was that I was clicking inside the logo instead of on its edge. By clicking the edge that extended outside of the header, the handles appeared.
Mark BullockQA Engineer IIICommented:
It's in the header. You can edit the header, then drag it where you like.
Maheshwar RSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Just Double click on the space just above the logo, you will be taken into to header portion , in there select the logo and move it to the location you needed.

Also you can Go to "Insert" Menu and in that select "header" and then select "Edit Header"
adande3Author Commented:
The additional information provided in my comment would provide future users a more precise description of the process.
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