Active directory GPO shares

I have 100 users
User 1 , user2 ... User100
U have a folder called private that is shared.

Inside of the shared folder there should be 100 folders named.
User1, user2....user100.

Every user should have a folder named after his account. Inside of private.

Right now it's working fine. That every user has accessto his private folder

Is there a way to hide the other folders so the user can ONLY SEE his private folder, inside of the main private share ? Without even seeing the list of the other folders.
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Justin YeungSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
if you have windows 2008 or higher you can enable Access-based Enumeration

so user will only see folder that he/she has access to.
Jermaine BhoorasinghJr. Operations EngineerCommented:
A better solution to implement here would be home drive. Please see:

You can select the drive letter you want to user and it will create each folder for you with the right permissions.

For the path use something like this:

-FILESERVER: this is the smb server where the files are stored
-USERS$: This is the share for all the user folders. NOTICE the '$' this means it will be hidden when you browse to the server
-%username%: this is environmental variable for the username (you  don't have to type user1, user2, user3 ... user100)
By the way, Justin: ABE is available with 2003 Server SP1.
Justin YeungSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
Is it an addon on 2003? I don't think it support ABE by default until 2008
Read about it in your own link :)
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