SBS 2008 Server Problems

This is a small SBS 2008 network which has been experiencing intermittent problems accessing the SBS server. When the problem is occurring the server can be "pinged" from other computers but Outlook will not connect to the Exchange Server (which is running on the server) and files cannot be accessed on shared folders on the server. We can connect to the server remotely OK using RDP. After a period of time the problem resolves itself but will recur several days or weeks later.

The system logs don't appear to  show a problem. I am not sure if it is connected to the problem but for some months we have not been able browse to the SBS server but can access it using UNC.  There is another "member server" on the network used for RDP access we have not had any problems accessing this.

It is difficult to fault find this as it is an intermittent problem any suggestions as to what may be causing the problem or checks or test we could make would be welcome.


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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Any Anti-Virus installed on the server?  Or additional firewall?

When connecting via RDP have you checked the resources?  -Anything out of the ordinary?

Does the problem happen to all PCs at once?

When the problem occurs can you access the Server UNC path from server itself?

Another thing to check - Has there been any NIC Driver updates installed?

DNS does seem like the right direction.  Check the DNS Event Logs.  If you could give us an ipconfig of both the server and a client that may be helpful as well.
First thing to look at is DNS I would say.

The PCs should really only have the SBS server listed as a DNS server, and the server itself should only point to itself as DNS.

This assumes that the DNS server is running OK on the Server.  

You can test this by trying to ping as PING SERVERNAME

Also, from Outlook you can check what is and isn't connected by right clicking the mouse on the Outlook icon in the notification window and selecting "Connection Status"
Also run the Fix My Network wizard to see what its reporting...

SBS Console - Network - Connectivity tab - right hand side click on the Fix My Network
jhswinsonAuthor Commented:
The problem has not recurred so I could not check out  all the questions before this was  closed. I will re-post when I have more information
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