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how to get multiple display to work with dock

Hi all

i have a Lenovo X1 carbon netbook
2 dell monitors with display ports
One link pro dock

I have plugged the dock in and from monitors i have a display port cable from monitor 1 Dp in port 1 to Monitor 2 DP in port 2

From monitor 1 DP out port 1 to the dock.

The dock to netbook as one cable which is like power cable but slightly larger which i beleive should send video too

Please advice as i am getting no display at all.

Sorry if above is confusing to understand
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Davis McCarn
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From your description, you have the cables on monitor 1 backwards; the IN cable should come from the dock, the OUT cable to the second monitor.
What is(are) the model number(s) of the monitors?
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Sundeep V

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was a faulty part hence the multi display wasnt working