using a table to replace a value in a file

have a file that i would like to replace the value in the third position (file is comma separated) with a value in a table.  the value in the table begins with a "  and ends in a ".  the sed command to replace does not work.

numofrows=`wc -l tempfile.tmp`
 for i in $numofrows
    thirdvalue=$(awk -F"," '{print $3}' tempfile.tmp )
     eval tablename=\$table_${thirdvalue}
    sed 's/"$thirdvalue"/"$tablename"/g' < tempfile.tmp > newtempfile.tmp

table is this

at the beginning of the script i have this to determine the server and table to use.

hostname=`uname -n`
case $hostname
       servername ).      /temp/;;

Thanks in advance for the help
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Please post sample data for this file:
. . .have a file that i would like to replace the value in the third position (file is comma separated). . .
Also sample data for this table:
. . . with a value in a table. . . .
What do you mean by "determine the server and table to use"? Use for what?
bjeAuthor Commented:
If the server is a test server or prodution server the values in would be different.  the same script handles both test and production servers.

i use the word table for to indicate the values in this file are for lookup and replace purpose.

the file looks like this,

the looks like this,

if value3 in the file equals dog, then replace with the value with the information in  "bb=value12,cc=value13"

so the new file would be

Try something like this:
#Source table (replace.tmp):
cat - <<! >replace.tmp
#Target table (tempfile.tmp):
cat - <<! >tempfile.tmp
awk -F',' 'BEGIN{OFS=",";
        while ((getline line < "replace.tmp") > 0)
  for (y=1;y<=NF;y++) o[y]=$y;
  for (x=1;x<=n9;x++) {o3=substr(o[3],2,length(o[3])-2);
    if (o3 == v0[x,1]) o[3]=v0[x,2];}
  for (y=1;y<=NF;++y) printf "%s,",o[y];
  printf "\n"
}' tempfile.tmp > newtempfile.tmp
$ cat newtempfile.tmp

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bjeAuthor Commented:
Thanks, will give this a try.

I am working on another task and using sed to replace values that are stored in a variable.

This is what i have,

sed 's/"$value1"/"$value2"/g' < filename.tmp > newfilename

is this correct?

no, try this:

sed "s=\"$value1\"=\"$value2\"=g" < filename.tmp > newfilename
Here's another approach

. /temp/table
for value in $(cut -f3 -d, file | sed s/\"//g)
  tab=$(eval echo \$table_$value)
  sed -i.bak "s/$value/$tab/" file

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bjeAuthor Commented:
The solution worked well.   My table has double quotes around the value, however they are not showing up in the file.

I tried, sed -i.bak "s/$value/\"/$tab\"\/"  -  not working.   Will you let me know how to do this.

 sed -i.bak "s/$value/\"$tab\"/" 

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bjeAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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