vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 - are you using it? Do you recommend it?

I worked with older versions of vCOps, like pre-appliance days and always thought it was a great product. but when it was virtualized and updated in 5.x it had a lot of hoops and set up that had to be done. I just learned that vROM 6.0 has been significantly redesigned! I want to know if anyone has installed or upgraded to this version yet and what you think about the improvements or changes?
Uni KittyAsked:
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
It's BRILLIANT! We recommend it, one BIG advantage it has, if you are already using vCenter Server, it already has access to all that data....

In fact a lot has changed since about 5.6/5.8, when it became, two OVFs you just import, Register with vCenter, give it two-three weeks, to crunch the data, and then you've got access to fantastic reports!

and of course the Foundation version is thrown in for free, since vSphere 5.5.

I think the confusion comes with the additional levels of licensing, and what features it has, and also it's licensed on a per VM basis!

We find it sells itself, we install the FREE 60 day trial, let it run for 60 days... and then we run the Wastage Report and on the 60th day, we give it to the client, of how much Memory, Storage, CPU, they can regain....because usually VMware Admins, over allocate Memory, CPU and storage, and then bluff management, they need another server, which also incurs a vSphere license.

The Report, spells it out in black and white, and Management can then ask VMware Admins, to alter VM requirements, e.g. Memory, CPU and Storage.

Memory and Storage often being the bottlenecks....

vRealize Operations (vCOps or vROps) saves money on Procuring Licenses and Hardware, when they tell us they need more licenses and hardware.... and for many we've had a bet!

Which we have won, and they go ahead and license VMware vCenter Operations Manager, or vRealize Operations (Formerly vCenter Operations Management Suite) -


Here is an example vCOps or vROps report, from a live site, on approx day 55 on a large ESXi Host Cluster, and their VMware Admins (which are VCPs and lots of other VMware certs) are telling management, they need more servers and hardware, licenses.... Umm ??

vCOps or vROps report!
When they saw this report, their jaws dropped and went quiet....

47% of VMs were over sized.
33% of VMs were powered OFF.
20% of VMs were idle.

Mainly too many vCPUs and too much memory allocated to VMs, what have I said about VMware Admins and too many vCPUs, because they can!

e.g. 4 vCPUs instead of 1 vCPU.

It's all there in the detail per VM, when you drill down.

Management:- Don't let your VMware Admins fool you, try vCOps or vROps today for free!

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Uni KittyAuthor Commented:
Wow! This is great Andy, incredible way to kick off a new client as well. This is helpful for management, and especially anyone in IT who is less familiar with virtualization. It really does help remove the mystery.

You are a rockstar my friend! Thanks again!
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
I concur, it provides a lot of more concise information than vCOPs.  Where before it was almost a tool kit where now is it's focused on issues and provides this information straight out.
Uni KittyAuthor Commented:
yeah I remember one big complaint was with the custom UI not being easily integrated, now I believe it is.
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