set up ntpd in anacron in Redhat 6.4

I want to have my server update its time on a daily basis. The server runs 24/7 and is not rebooted.

currently i have ntpd and ntpdate installed, but not started
#chkconfig  lists them both off

the /etc/crontab is empty
there are files in /etc/cron.daily but nothing for ntpd or ntpdate

i'm thinking i need to
#service nptd start
#chkconfig ntpd on

What do I need to have it run daily?
Once it starts, can I force it to update? Right now the server is 2 minutes slow.
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ntpd is a daemon, meaning it runs constantly in the background and keeps the time from drifting.  This is your best option.

Configure ntpd and then start the service and enable it on boot:

service ntpd start
chkconfig ntpd on

That's it.  You do not need to run it in a cron job, it will take care of time for you.

I believe the default ntpd configuration looks at the redhat ntp pool, which is fine.  You shouldn't need to change the configuration unless you want to do something special.
penguins_ruleAuthor Commented:
Without booting the system after issuing these two commands, will it start updating the clock now?
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