OS X Mount Point Change

An SDD drive now is now showing SSD 1 as the mount point instead of SSD.

The Volumes folder contains SSD SSD 1 and SSD-1.

SSD 1 is an alias and a directory.

In single user mode and using ls -l the information for SSD 1 is d--x--x--x+ 3 root.  

It cannot be deleted and chmod returns "no such file or directory"

How do we reset the mount point please?
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It's not exactly clear what you're describing.  Are you getting duplicate mount point names?  Is the link there when the SSD is removed?  If it is you should be able to just remove the file when you're not mounting it.  Are you unable to?

tweddlewalkerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.

The second of your links did it; had been nervous about removing all the SSD entries in Volumes.
Thank you again
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