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ODBC error when executing query using MS Access 2013 agaist SQL 2008 using ODBC client 10

Hello I have the statement below that works fine again MS Access table, however it gives me the attached error message when running against a linked ODBC connection to SQL of the same table. How can I fix this? User generated image
SELECT BMPDATA.Battery, Count(BMPDATA.Battery) AS Deployments, Count([NoSample]="Dead Battery") AS Dead
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This may have this in mind:

    Sum(Abs([NoSample]="Dead Battery"))

That's a syntax error and not an ODBC error.

SELECT Battery, Count(Battery) AS Deployments, Count(CASE[NoSample] WHEN 'Dead Battery' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS Dead
GROUP BY Battery

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I'll not comment on Access SQL, as my skills are a little rusty there.
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Thank you Jim, but the count of dead battery is the same as total deployment which is not correct. I am try to determine how many time a battery was used and how many time the device did not works because the battery was dead. The field NoSample will use have the word Dead Battery when the battery was the cause of no data collection. The code I provided is from MS Access not SQL.
It seems to work in SQL if I use: COUNT(CASE WHEN [NoSample] = 'Dead Battery' THEN 1 ELSE NULL END
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Thanks for the grade.  Good luck with your project.  -Jim