Server 2008 DHCP problem

I am having a problem getting a new IP address after one has been assigned. We are using Ruckus wireless with multiple SSIDs and we are able to connect to one of the wireless VLANs. If we try to connect to a different SSID, then it shows limited connection. The information we collected from Wireshark shows it is using the correct gateway but says that it already has an address from the previous VLAN.
DC is Windows server 2008R2
Wireless is Ruckus model ZD1106 version build 212

It does seem like the wireless is working the way it should but dhcp doesn't want to release the IPs
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Craig BeckCommented:
If you connect a wired client to each VLAN does it get the correct IP details?

If you disable the WLAN NIC then try to reconnect does the client get the correct IP details?
MMPTechAuthor Commented:
We have 3 VLANs and I can connect to one of them and I get the correct IP, gateway and DNS. When I select a different SSID and click connect, it takes a minute or two and comes back with limited connectivity. Doing an ipconfig shows that it cannot reach dhcp with the 169.x.x.x
I think I tried to disable the NIC  on the client but I will have to double check that
Craig BeckCommented:
OK please verify that it works as a wired client on each VLAN.
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MMPTechAuthor Commented:
The wireless and server is at a remote location. I had someone connect it to a wired VLAN that I know works so I can work on the wireless remotely through a goto assist session. Everyone is having the same problem on different devices, mainly laptops and phones. When they get the limited connection, I have to go into the dhcp and delete the kind of orphaned IP address.
Craig BeckCommented:
I have to go into the dhcp and delete the kind of orphaned IP address.
When you do that does the device then get an IP address on the correct subnet?
MMPTechAuthor Commented:
I was connected to VLAN 404 with good IP and gateway. I selected a different SSID and it connected with limited connectivity. I did notice in the dhcp that the IP address was removed from VLAN 404 but never pulled an IP from the other VLAN. When I did and ipconfig I get I was able to select the SSID for VLAN 404 and it connects right away with the same IP as before.
Craig BeckCommented:
So the client isn't getting an IP on the correct subnet when connecting to the SSID that is attached to VLAN404.

This is why I'm asking for a wired client to test.  We need to establish whether the DHCP server can lease IP addresses to wired clients before we point the finger at the wireless.
MMPTechAuthor Commented:
VLAN 404 is working correctly - it has wired and wireless clients that have current leases. The other VLAN 650 has a couple of current leases (wireless only - not being used for wired). The main problem is when switching from one to the other.
MMPTechAuthor Commented:
Attached a word doc with screenshots from wireshark
Craig BeckCommented:
I understand what the problem is... I'm just trying to rule out the underlying network as a cause.

Is the WLC doing DHCP proxy (where it sends the DHCP request on the client's behalf) or is it doing DHCP bridging (where it simply passes the client's request straight to the wire?
MMPTechAuthor Commented:
Wireless is a simple pass through
Craig BeckCommented:
Ok, and when you see the traffic in Wireshark is there an associated log entry on the DHCP server at the same time?
MMPTechAuthor Commented:
I didn't see any event for the DHCP for today
Craig BeckCommented:
Are there any options referring to DHCP snooping on the Ruckus controller?
MMPTechAuthor Commented:
There is an option to detect rogue DHCP servers, enable DHCP Option 82 and Force DHCP, disconnect client if client does not obtain valid IP in __ seconds.
None of these are checked
Craig BeckCommented:
So the controller may be doing DHXP proxy (but not to be confused with simply passing normal traffic).
MMPTechAuthor Commented:
I don't have DHCP enabled on the controller but one option is checked
DHCP Option 43 (Layer 3 discovery protocol for AP to find ZoneDirector)
Craig BeckCommented:
I understand, but DHCP proxy and DHCP server are different things, as is Option 43.

DHCP proxy will take the client's DHCP request broadcast and convert it to a unicast packet then send it to the specified DHCP server on the client's behalf.

DHCP server - self explanatory

DHCP Option 43 does as you say; it tells the AP the IP of the controller.
MMPTechAuthor Commented:
Sorry but I am not aware if it is doing a proxy. The only configuration having to do with DHCP are the ones I mentioned and a spot to specify a VLAN for the SSID. I had Ruckus support look at the controller but they didn't find any problems.
MMPTechAuthor Commented:
It appears that a Superscope was created in DHCP. Once I deleted the Superscope I was able to switch from one VLAN to another with no problems.
craigbeck - Thanks for your help in troubleshooting the problem, sorry I was unable to provide better information

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MMPTechAuthor Commented:
I was comparing a working wireless environment to a nonworking environment and noticed that the nonworking environment had a Superscope. After some research on Superscopes, I decided to delete it and everything is working as it should.
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