Sharepoint 2013 sending out Two Alerts VIA Email

Hi we have a new SharePoint 2013 deployment migrated from 2010, we set up alerts to be send VIA email on certain document libraries, Recently on and off it is sending out 2 emails. I check the Alerts and it shows only 1 alert is set up for the folders.  Any clue on how to correct or what causes this action?
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
does this affect only one user, multiple users or all users who have alerts activated?
Does it affect all document libraries or just one/some dedicated libs?

Have you tried to delete and re-add the alert?

Thanks and HTH
Crossroads305Author Commented:
It's affecting all users, and all document libraries we have set to mail enabled. we have a Special Announcements Library which is the The main alert and is going to a exchange distribution group that contains all staff. a few other document libraries are only going to specific people.

I haven't  tried re-adding the alert on all document libraries but the one I did didn't seem to make a difference.
Crossroads305Author Commented:
Deleted the alert again and remade it as a different user and it seems to be working now.
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