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Experts, good afternoon:

I need your support with a downside I have to insert user data on another server database, I have configured my link server correctly and I am creating a stored procedure to insert into multiple tables but only when inserted in the table users (tab_usuario) I get the error that can display image to the other tables I have no error.

I was doing my research and among them found it can be for any restriction of the target table (tab_usuario) but I do not find any problem with constrains or keys, can also be by the pull of transactions but when I do it for another insert in a separate table no problem
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For what I understand, if you use SET XACT_ABORT ON, it rolls back transaction in case of error, than you don't have to roll back manually. As it entcounter an error, your insert is rollbacked, and when it comes to the error management part of the code, it cannot issue the rollback command.
Do what you have to do in cas of roll back, but commen/remove the "rollback tran" command.
enrique_aeoAuthor Commented:
Comment "rollback tran", now the error is different.
Attached the error and the portion of code that causes the error
What are the versions of the 2 different instances ?

You'll need MSDTC on the linked server host.

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