How to get out of STLockScreen on MacBook Pro


I installed Splashtop on Mac to remote access from my computer.(I used to use Logmein to access it remotely, but I uninstalled from the MacBook Pro)
After I restarted Mac and logged in when all of a sudden I couldn't do anything and noticed in the upper left by the Apple logo it said: STLockscreen. I tried quitting it, but it remained and I couldn't do anything other than moving file icons around on my desktop.
I still can access the MacBook Pro through Splashtop and Logmein.

Please help me.

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Restart while holding down the shift key and uninstall splash stop.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
After the user logged in to Macbook for me and now I can access that macbook remotely using Splashtop. I have decided to leave Logmein as it is since everything is working fine ... I just don't want to create more problems at this point.

Thanks for your help.
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