Why does the VBA editor keep opening in Excel 2010?

Every time I run a certain macro (which is assigned to a button in my sheet), the VBA editor opens up and highlights the line below in yellow. It's not an error or even on of those red breakpoints, it's just simply a stoppage of the macro, which resumes when I press the green play button again. Why does this keep popping up?

    Cells.Find(What:="Reporting Period", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole).Select
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I don't know whether that is related. My best guess is that VBE is storing 'invisible' information (relating to breakpoints and watches) that aren't always cleared down after use. Removing the module content, compiling and then pasting the content back in from the clipboard (or you can export,delete,import modules) seems to clear the problem wherever I've experienced it.
Try cutting the entire code from that module to the clipboard, then compiling the VBA project, then paste the code back in and compile again. That usually works for me.
shampouyaAuthor Commented:
I read something about maximizing and minimizing the VBA editor, is that related to this problem too?
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