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what are some recommended sites to find out how SEO work. There are website design companies who say they specialize in SEO, and mentioned SEO is region specific, individual country will have their own. for eg. if target audience is the US market, does it matter if we host the company website in Australia if need to maximize the potential of SEO?
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Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
Some great web sites focused on SEO knowledge:


if target audience is the US market, does it matter if we host the company website in Australia if need to maximize the potential of SEO?

The load time for your web site is inherent to the user experience. A poor user experience can cause your rankings in search engines to suffer. So ultimately you'll want to make sure that wherever your site is hosted, it provides a fast page load time for your target visitor. Site speed is used in ranking a site. Hence, you'd generally want to host your site in the locale that you're targeting (to avoid latency) and/or use a CDN to improve response time.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I just answered a similar question for somebody else and the link is below along with the answer.

SEO as you remember it is not the same.  The given should be well formed html that validates.  The thing people tent to want to ignore because it is a lot of work is content.  Produce a lot of it on a regular basis and the rest will take care of itself.  

Moz is a great source and when you read through the history you will find they start talking more about inbound marketing.  Check out Not to buy, but just for what they do and how they do it.  The other thing you will want to invest in is PR (public relations) since that is essentially what SEO is.  Build your content and don't skimp.

SEO is not what it used to be.  At the core, you are optimizing your coding for search engines.  That means validating your code and some best practices.    The old tricks do not work any longer and the key is content.   I will put up my ugly site with poorly coded html with great content over your pristine looking website full of images right out of the purchased theme any day.  

There are a couple of main advantages that a CMS site will have.   One is url structure.  You can recreate that with cold fusion, php, .NET or any server side langue by implementing a router and .htaccess/webconfig.  Pretty urls are the easy hurdle.  

The other thing a CMS site can do for you is make it easier to post content.  I have created enough custom cms sites to know that it can be done and in some cases it can be better in certain situations.  But overall, it is just easier to post to WP and have everything work.

I have a good answer from another question I use for SEO I have been  using below.  Some of it is already dated from just last year.  The main point is there is no replacement for content.  If you can create great, unique compelling content and do it on a regular basis it will not matter what you choose to produce your site (well a little anyway).


The concept is simple.   Have great content and well formed code.  Any other tricks and shortcuts you have heard about, throw out the window.

1) Make sure your code is valid

2) Have a lot of great content that is not copy pasted from someplace else.  Your content should be created to make the reader want to be engaged rather then chasing "seo"

3) You should have your "local" taken care of.  Google+, Bing local should be up to date as well as any professional business listings

4) Content

5) Content

6) Use webmaster tools

7) Avoid "seo tricks" or anything else that seem like a shortcut.

A good example of having a lot of content in a handful of categories that are cross referenced with each other.

Good compelling content that makes you want to read more and submit your email to get good information

A spammy looking site that is not inviting or worth reading

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grnowAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for the info. Scott, you mentioned about CMS. Which are some of the CMS recommended?
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
You can use which are self hosted.  Allow customization (but not easy for non developers) or you can use, or which are self hosted cms site with ready made templates.  There is some customization available, but the idea is to make it easy as possible. is self hosted as well.  

I have found it makes a difference with urls like vs  if you have a lot of content pages. If you do have a lot of content pages, that is great, and that is also where a cms will make your life easier.
grnowAuthor Commented:
which CMS (paid and free) are user friendly with SEO?
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
That depends on the user.  

The more the user needs a helping hand...the more restricted something has to be.  Squarespace/wix/weebly are probably going to be the easiest for non coders that are just a little technical or even for a more experienced person that just wants something quick and easy. could fit into that as well.

However, the minute the more experienced person wants to add their own customization, you have to jump through a few hoops and so that is no longer user friendly for the person that wants to do a lot of customization.

For that matter, a self hosted wordpress does take more time to create custom functions than if you just coded a straight html site.   But managing a lot of pages in straight html is a nightmare.  

I would suggest taking the time to demo squarespace, wix, weebly and to get a feel for the differences and how you would do any type of customizations such as header images, logos, footers and just generally adding content.   I think Squarespace, wix and weebly have templates that you don't have to think about as much but you have tighter constraints to work with compared to wordpress.
Alex SyversenCommented:
Let me add a few ideas that crossed my mind as I have been going through this thread:

1. CMS itself can hardly be more or less SEO friendly - but a CMS that is updated and well maintained - yes. Joomla 3.X is mobile-friendly unlike 2.5 and earlier versions - so this is a reason to choose Joomla for SEO aims. WordPress fixed so many valnurabilities and has so many SEO plugins - that it is certainly a good SEO choice. Most of your SEO success comes from off-site optimisation and IDEA!

2. Your website should be hosted ideally in the country you target in terms of SEO. Faster load is a + SEO factor. That is it.

3. Regarding the SEO tips and advice - many articles that come as A grade news in SEO are often written in the style of the "top of the iceberg". Contact an SEO company and talk directly to the boss - you will learn a lot of interesting stuff starting from the very basic things. If you are curious, of course. Do not expect it to turn into a free lecture from the start :)) An acquaintance of mine (SEO agency owner) turned this kind of advice into a regular business. I rather doubt it will work with USA seo agencies though...
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