outlook 2013 keeps trying to send on behalf of when the user has sned as permissions

The end user has send as and full access permissions on the mailbox in question. For some reason when she tries to send as in the from field she receives " Delivery Has failed to these recipients or groups: You can't send a message on behalf of this user unless you have permission to do so. Please make sure you're sending on behalf of the correct sender, or request the necessary permission. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk."

The user needs to be able to send as no on behalf of.
Why is it that it keeps trying to send on behalf of?
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Brent_1978Author Commented:
I have removed full access permissions and send as permissons and made sure that she did not have send on behalf permissions then I added her back to the full access and send as permissions.
 closed off and re-opened outlook and tested it still gave the same NDR receipt.
I then deleted auto fill address cache and re-downloaded GAL. Still received the same message.
I then created a new mail profile and tested still receiving the NDR message.

I don't get it she has the right permissions within in exchange so is this a outlook 2013 issue?
Scott ThomsonCommented:
Ok we need more details
1. What is she sending as.? a user or a DL
2. Can we see the permission you set in a screenshot?
3. Can anyone else send as this user/DL?
4. If its a DL have you gone into mailflow permissions and set them in there as someone who can send to the DL?

Little more info and this should be cleared up easily.
Also make sure that if its another user that they havent set her as a delegate with send as permissions :) its a setting you wont see unless you go to that users machine.
Brent_1978Author Commented:
This is the powershell command I used to confirm that the send as permissions were definitely applied.
The user also has full access permissions on the mailbox.
she is trying to send as a user and it is Mailbox.
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Brent_1978Author Commented:
These are other powershell commands I used to confirm appropriate permissions on mailbox.
Scott ThomsonCommented:
Hi Brent,

I'm a little old school and not really great with Powershell.

I would double chek on the mailbox itself that someone hasnt applied other permissions.
Add the mailbox to your outlook side panel
Right click > Properties > Security
Just check that someone hasnt set permissions in there as well.
Brent_1978Author Commented:
After clearing the auto fill cache and downloading the GAL again it worked after 20 minutes.
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