How to upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows VIsta with Parallels Desktop without losing applications?


On my MacBook Pro OS X 10.9.5. I tried to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 8. Now I have both Windows systems available, and both run without problems. Eventually I want to delete Vista, but before I do so I need  to transfer two applications (MacAffee AntiVirus and Atlas.ti) to Windows 8, so I can make sure they run on Windows 8 before I delete Vista. (How) can this be done? Should this have been done during the installation already?

Thanks for hints!
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Your question title is a little misleading. Sure, you could take your current vista, first upgrade it to win7, then to 8. Using the inplace upgrade mechanisms, you would keep applications and settings and files in place. It would take some hours, but normally, it works, I did that many times.

If you have 8 installed already, you cannot transfer applications to it. Why not reinstall those?
thuna72Author Commented:
I see.... how to I upgrade Vista?
...and why not reinstall those applications? That would be so much quicker.
To upgrade vista, download win7 in the corresponding edition (vista home->win7 home/vista business->win7 pro/...) put it on usb or dvd, insert it to your running vista, start setup and select "upgrade". When on 7, do the same for 8, as simple as that. You will not need a key for the temporary win7, by the way.

If you are not experienced with upgrading: though I really like it, I would never tell any inexperienced person to do it without having a full backup. And when it's just about a few applications (again: why not reinstall those?), normally upgrading is not advisable.
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thuna72Author Commented:
i don't know how to reinstall macaffee, i had downloaded it from somewhere and don't know where, plus i'm not sure i could download it another time.
thuna72Author Commented:
p.s. it was a legal version though, i had bought it.... atlas.ti is not a problem, i have it on an offical cd.
Then phone/mail McAfee support. They will tell you where to get it, there sure is a way.

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thuna72Author Commented:
ok will do, thanks for the tip... feel more comfortable with the new install, too.
Why even stay with mcafee? If this is for private use, you can use a free antivirus utility, like Panda antivirus free. It works just as well as the mcafee or symantec stuff, if not better, and I've never had any issues with it, and I've been using it for many years. It is much lower on system resources than any other AV tool I've tried.
If you haven't been upgrading McAfee, you might as well get a new AV.  There's plenty of free AV out there.  If you prefer a paid one, I suggest ESET.  They don't lag out the system during scans like Symantec does.
thuna72Author Commented:
thanks to all for helpful input. since i'm usually a mac person i have little knowledge about windows AV stuff so thsi is much appreciated!
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