Upgraded iMac to Yosemite and now Quark 10 will only open under the admin account.

I upgraded our iMAC to Yosemite as the machine had a lot of issues with speed and programs crashing and no other fixes tried seemed to help.  The machine is now running like a dream but Quark 10 (which I also upgraded as 9 didn't work with Yosemite) will only open as the Admin account and will not run as the users account.
I deleted her account and setup a new one and this still did not help.
Our MAC Expert has looked at this and is completely baffled by this and has not been able to work out a fix.
Please can someone help!!
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Did you by any chance inadvertently install Quark in the ~/Applications folder instead of the /Applications folder?
David AndersTechnician Commented:
There are reports of damaged fonts causing problems.
I assume you have OSX 10.10.3  and QuarkXpress 10.5?
How are fonts managed? FontBook or some other font manager.
Starting in Safe Mode in a User account can sometimes help diagnose.
Console shows logs and may point in a direction for Quark failing to load in user account.
PurplePenguinAuthor Commented:
We definitely did not install in ~/Applications folder - I checked to make sure.
We use Universal Type Client and Fontbook.
We have Quark 10.5 and the OSX is : 10.10.2 and have just noticed that there is an update for 10.10.3 so am installing that now.
I will try the safe mode bit and see if I can see anything. How do I use the console to show logs for Quark?? I'm new to MAC Support and I am having to learn on the fly!
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PurplePenguinAuthor Commented:
I have run the console to see what errors we get and in Safe Mode the program opens no problem so no error.
I booted into the safe mode and logged in as the problem account.
So I thought yeah its fixed. No cigar though as when logged in as the account normally it crashes so I have copied the error and attached to the question in hope someone can decipher it for me.
It is possible that there are incompatible fonts installed only in that user's profile.

Try creating a new profile and see if you can boot Quark from the new profile.
Is the User account not an Admin account?  Does making it an Admin account work?  If it does work, then try changing the ownership or adding permissions to the Quark Application folder.

You'll probably have to do this with the Admin account.
Navigate to the Quark Express Application Folder.
Get Info (with Command i or use the Finder Menu -->File --> Get Info)
Expand the Sharing & Permissions
Click on the Plus symbol at the bottom.
Add the users to the Access list.
PurplePenguinAuthor Commented:
We have already created a new account and set it to Admin and this has not helped at all.
Odd how it works in safe mode and not in her account but I suppose it doesn't load the fonts in safe mode perhaps that is why?
Any other ideas??
Where are the fonts located?  Maybe you just need to add access to the fonts.
David AndersTechnician Commented:
System Fonts are in the Library/Fonts folder
User Fonts are in the username/Library/Fonts folder
Application fonts are in the Library/Application Support/AppName folder (usually)
Damaged fonts can cause problems. Conflict between System and Application fonts can too.


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