onedrive mapped network drive error - access denied

Dear Experts,

I have a simple microsoft account (not O365 or onedrive for business) that comes with 15GB of storage using the OneDrive service. On laptop A, I can map a network drive z: to the onedrive address and access my files freely. Its working 100% and never lets me down. On laptop B, I cant do it at all.  When I step through the map network drive wizard, I keep getting prompted for credentials which never work.  I have set both laptops up in exactly the same way. Both have windows 8.1 and are signing on with the same microsoft ID.

So, I tried accessing onedrive through a web browser on laptop B.  I opened IE 11 and logged on to my account.  I can read my email and launch the online apps. But when I select the onedrive app I get a login screen again.  I enter my credentials and browser refreshes the page a few times and then tells me that "something went wrong".  However - it works when I use Chrome as the browser.  

If I open an admin cmd prompt and net use z: "onedrive addres plus ID" I get access denied. I have reset the IE setttings to default, and even removed and re-installed it, but still get the same result.  I've cleaned out the temp folders and have also tried accessing a completely different onedrive account but I still  get the same results.

At this point it looks like something on laptop B has got twisted.  Perhaps an expired session token or something.

Anyone got any ideas?
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Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
Reset the security settings in ie
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
have a look in control panel, credential manager, delete stored credentials that are one drive related and retry
tech53Author Commented:
Folks,  I've tried those suggestions but no luck.  

But I have an update which may narrow down the problem a bit.  I deleted the user profile using the windows 8.1 recommended procedure and set it up again with the same Microsoft ID.  This time everything worked fine. I tested it over and over, set files to copy up and down. logged off and on multiple times - all good.  

Then I invited the end user to test it.  Everything worked ok until he was in outlook and went to save an attachment. Right clicked on the PDF file and chose to save as. Browsed to the mapped drive and when he committed the save operation, a onedrive window appeared asking for credentials. He entered his credentials and a dialog box popped up asking if internet explorer should save the password. He clicked yes and then BANG - it went bad again.  Same symptoms as before.

I logged the user off and then on again. This time everything was ok until we repeated the same save procedure and it stopped again.  

So somewhere along the line, it would appear that internet explorer has interfered.

Any further suggestions?

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tech53Author Commented:
Further update:

Access to the OneDrive share works fine until the end user performs a save operation in Outlook 2013. Once this happens, the mapped drive becomes inaccessible stating access denied.  I have tested this with Word, Excel and other non MS apps and they work fine - so only saving from Outlook causes the problem.  To make the mapped drive accessible again, I have to reset Internet Explorer settings to default including the option to delete personal data (if I don't check this box, the workaround doesn't work) and restart the laptop.

Any ideas why this would happen for Outlook only?
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Did you install the Onedrive desktop app? Are you logged on to Onedrive like MS is suggesting?
tech53Author Commented:
No, to be honest.  I don't want the desktop app active because it will sync the files to the laptop but only the first 20,000 - any more than this and it complains.

Either way, the mapped drive is functioning perfectly with every app except outlook. So I'm banging my head against a wallas to why outlook poses such a problem.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Which procedure / KB did you use to map OneDrive?
tech53Author Commented:
Mapped drive Y: to
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Got it, connected onedrive as well, let me check saving something from Outlook. Are you saving attachments, mail messages or something else?
tech53Author Commented:
If I save an email message or attachment it happens.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Yes, I get an error as well:
Outlook 2013 error when saving to OneDriveWhat is working is dragging the message from Outlook to your mapped OneDrive. For attachments, the same, drag the attachment from Outlook (preview pane) to OneDrive.

After the error I have to disconnect and map the OneDrive again. The error is mentioned everywhere but no solution so I'd suggest to use the workaround above.

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