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SharePoint - Creating a Team  Site through Central Administration

j_heck asked

I am creating a team site through Central Administration --> Create site collections option and I am not able to access that site after it is created and I am the SharePoint Administrator.  I cannot even seem to access the main SharePoint site that has been created.  When I try to access the main SharePoint site (SharePoint 80 or http://psprazsps01) I get a HTTP 404 Not Found error.  When I try to access the team site I created (http://psprazsps01/sites/pspbrainstorm) I get an Access Required page, complete the page, submit it, accept it through the email request sent via SharePoint, as administrator I get the request and accept it, and the web site comes back saying 'Sorry, this list hasn't been shared with you'.  Yet I am a SharePoint Administrator.  We are using Active Directory as well.

What am I missing in trying to connect to our SharePoint Site?

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Hi John,
which SharePoint version (2010 or 2013) and edition (foundation, server std, server ent)?
I assume 2013 (because I think that they used the "share" message since this version) - but it also depends on Foundation or Server edition.

From where do you open the Central Administration and the team site? Local browser or browser on the server(s)?

How does your SharePoint farm setup look alike? All on one machine or dedicated SQL server, dedicated web frontend and app server ...

What is the serves OS version?

martushaProduct manager

And what Authentication Provider you used? Is DNS configured correctly?
Some times such behaviuor could happen if you open site from your server, did you tried to open from client pc browser?


Hello Rainer & Martusha,

Hopefully the following information will answer your questions and give you a better idea of what I am working with and what I have done so far.  Though it could lead to more questions... :)

We are running SharePoint 2013 Server Enterprise Edition on 1 server.  The server OS Version is 2012 R2.

We use Active Directory Authentication and according to the powers to be the DNS is configured correctly.

I am using IE 11  to open both Central Administration and the team site.  I have tried opening both sites on a client pc (my local laptop) and on the server via Remote Desktop Connection.  I can only open the Central Administration successfully on both computers and cannot open the team site on either one.  Let alone getting access to the SharePoint 80 site.

Hope this information helps.