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DNS Server

RockfieldIT asked
Hi All,

I have a Server running Server 2012 r2 Standard. In the DNS manager I have 2 entries 1 is the server name and the other is the FQDN. I have attached a screenshot of what I'm talking about. Both are identical in every way. If I stop either one they both stop. In all other Server 2012's that we look after there is only one entry in the DNS manager which is the FQDN. If I delete one will both of them delete or can I delete them and re-create the DNS server.
This came to our attention when some of the clients that connect via VPN have complained that their folder access can be sporadic where they can have access to mapped folders today but possible not tomorrow. They can access these folders if they connect the VPN and enter \\ServerIP.
Combined with that, local client computers taking a long time to login after entering their passwords. The folder access issue is solely with the VPN clients.

It sounds like a DNS issue to me, but as I am only new at working with Servers I am unsure.

Hopefully I have explained this well enough!

Thanks in advance

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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

they are the same server
the dns console has it added once with just the name and the other with the fqdn
it is only for display purposes
you can right click on one of the servers and remove it from the console view; does nothing to the server itself


Hi Seth, Thanks for your reply but I cannot see the option to remove it from the console. When I right click on either one I don't see the option. I have attached the right click menu.

I do see a delete option is that what you mean?
Sr. Systems Administrator
yes, delete
it will remove from the console view


Hi Seth, thanks for that I was unsure about deleting either of them. On another note would you have any idea on the second part of my question RE: VPN users not being able to access server shares by name but if they go through ip address they can.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

are vpn users getting internal dns when they connect?
if not, that would explain it
if users have their ISP dns servers, it won't resolve the internal server name(s) thus only accessible by IP address


Hi Seth, Thanks for that that explains it