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ADAC External Node

ADAC.PNGI'm having an issue with ADAC and adding an external domain as a node.

I have 2 domains TMPForest.local and TMPDomain2.local, with an outgoing trust for TMPDomain2 to TMPForest.  When I try and add in the external domain to ADAC on TMPForest, I get an error stating that ADAC can't find an available server running ADWS in the TMPDomain2 domain-- though it is running on the server.

I may be missing a step here, but any advice on configuring ADAC for an external node(s) would be appreciated, or if you've seen this error before.
Microsoft Legacy OSActive Directory

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Will Szymkowski

8/22/2022 - Mon
Will Szymkowski

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Uptime Legal Systems

Yeah, looks like I forgot to add the conditional forwarder (wish the error would have been more dns specific).

Will Szymkowski

So why a B grade?

Uptime Legal Systems

"Proper DNS" was fairly generic.  ADWS was confirmed running in original post.

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An A grade means the solution provided is thorough and informative or is a link to information that answered the question. Any links that are posted will be accompanied by a summary of what can be found there and how it helps solve the problem.

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I was simply answering by the metrics listed, though I did fail to explain the B as instructed (apologies).  Don't be mistaken though, I do appreciate you taking the time to answer.
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.
Will Szymkowski

"Proper DNS" was fairly generic.

No worries. However i used this term because there are a few methods of achieving this. You could have used Stub Zone, Secondary Zone or Conditional Forwarders.

All of the above would have worked. That being said DNS is pretty specific because this is required to have it working in the first place.