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For some reason my System Volume Information folder is visible in the root. Windows 7 Professional x64. Please don't tell me to go in to Folder Options and Hide Protected Operating System Files. That has been done. Why is it visible and how do I hide it?
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Hmmm - I've never seen that folder hidden ...

Maybe you could set the Hidden" and "System" flags with the attrib command in cmd ?

And on the other side, I've never seen it accessible (never could look into it), so why bother ? Any user would get rejected when trying to access that folder ... it's one of the excentric bits of Windows ...
Right click on the folder|General Tab.  Is the Hidden box at the bottom checked?  If no do so.
LockDown32OwnerAuthor Commented:
The attrib command yields "Not resetting system file - C:\System Volume Information". The Hidden attribute is not checked.
LockDown32OwnerAuthor Commented:
I must have been typing something wrong. attrib -h -s -r "System Volume Information" followed by an attrib +s +h +r seemed to work.
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