Internet Explorer 11 Issue on Windows 8.1 Pro

I have a computer with IE11 on Windows 8.1 Pro.  We have a web-based application that we use to create mailing labels that we then print on a Dymo label printer.  What should happen is that we create the report, click View in the application (or shift View to open in a new window) to view the report.  Then we can normally print it.

However, what is happening is that when we click View, we get "This page can't be displayed".  I cannot right click View then click Save As either as it doesn't show the prompt on the bottom of the IE11 window to Open, Save, etc.

If I use IE11 and go to a download site (e.g., CNET to download Malwarebytes), it doesn't show the Open, Save prompt either.

It works fine via Chrome or Firebox; however, these don't have the necessary properties to format the label on the Dymo label printer.  There is not "Actual Size" option.  It also works fine on other Windows 8.1 computers so I'm thinking it's an IE issue or something on this specific computer.

Best we can do is download the label reports via Chrome/Firefox, then open the downloaded file in Adobe Reader but this is a slow process.

I have tried the following:
  *  Changing IE security settings to lower and setting our web application site as a trusted site
  *  Doing both reset buttons in IE11 Advanced tab
  *  Ran scans using MS Endpoint Protection and Malwarebytes - both come back clean
  *  Removed Adobe Reader and reinstalled.  I also upgraded to the new Acrobat Reader DC

Any suggestions?   Only thing I can think of other than wiping Windows and reinstalling would be to uninstall IE11 and install it again if that's even possible.  Thanks!
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Use another user profile on the same machine for a test.
sbpromania -Commented:
I guess that your best bet would be to uninstall IE 11; you can do this by removing it from "Turn Windows features on or off":

- uncheck Internet Explorer 11, press OK
- restart the PC
- enter again to "Turn Windows features on or off"
- check Internet Explorer 11, press OK
- restart the PC
sfsdtcAuthor Commented:
I uninstalled IE11, restarted, installed again, restarted but that didn't help.  I then logged on as a different user and it worked.  I then deleted the original user's profile thinking that was the issue.  When I logged on as them so that it created a new profile, still had same problem.

Since I could open / download files in Firefox and Chrome and IE11 worked for another user, I decided to check the path where the temporary Internet files were going.  When I looked, there was no path showing in Internet Options.  I changed to the folder we normally use, logged off then back on but the path setting was missing again.

I created a new folder on the C drive called InternetCache and set the temporary Internet files location to this new folder.  Once I logged off then logged back on it worked fine.

It appears this user somehow lost proper permissions to the original Temporary Internet Files location folder we use.  I'll leave this issue open for a few days in case anyone wants to comment then I'll close it.

FYI - User had another issue that I'm not sure is related.  When right clicking the Windows 8.1 Pro Start button, it did not show the menu as it should.  I saw an item regarding the WINX folder.  I copied that folder from another working user on that computer and it started to work for this user.

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sfsdtcAuthor Commented:
I was able to fix myself by trying various things.
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