Setting up a new 2012 WIndows server that will replace a 2008 Windows R2 Server

Does anyone have a good list or walkthru on setting up a new 2012 Windows Server that will replace a standalone 2008 Windows R2 Server.  The new server will totally replace the old one.  I've already added the new server to the domain.  I also went thru the "add a role" to the new server which came with a lot of options.  The old server is basically the file server for the company and the AD server for authentication to the network.
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There are a number of good resources on this if you search for "Server 2008 2012 migration".  For example:

Did you set up Server 2012 natively or did you set it up as a Hyper-V machine on the new server?
ZantisAuthor Commented:
It hosts the quickbooks files and has multiple shares
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Moving QuickBooks over is quite straightforward.

First make a backup of the company file and transaction log in a safe place.

Second, QB V2015 (and probably V2014) works fine on Server 2012. I have that running.

Third, Migrate:

1. Install the QB Server Manager on Server 2012.
2. Copy the company file and transaction log to a folder in the same partition as the Server Manager on Server 2012.
3. Run the Server Manager and Scan for the company file.
4. Make new folder maps on the workstations to the new location and restart the workstations.
5. Check that QB runs properly.

You may have to run the QB Network Troubleshooting tool (Intuit Site) to check for firewall issues. You only need to do this if you cannot access the file and have done everything correctly.
ZantisAuthor Commented:
The new Dell server has 2012 on it. I haven't tried Hyper-V yet on anything.

As for QuickBooks, I have no problem migrating that over.  I've just never moved all the data and shares and GP and AD over to a new server.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
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