How to stop execution in JQuery

Hi Expert,

I am using a repeater in page. And JQuery will handle all the functions dynamically.
I sorted in the grid. And I input a special character in a textbox inside repeater. And I clicked submit button.
I found the special character in code-behind and assigned a hidden value isWrongSub=true.
In JQuery I got the hidden value
function X(a, b) {
    if ($('#isWrongSub').val() == "true")
       //I tried to stop herer using return false;
       //but not working properly.
       //rows resorted automatically. This is NOT what I want. I want to freeze here and remove the special character.
       //but it is resorted. I can't find the problem row.

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Best way to solve this issue:

Check that special character at client side itself using JavaScript on click of Submit button. If you found special character then do not proceed further and stop there.

Do not go to server side for just checking special character.
Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
Where is function X called? Which event(s)?
jssong2000Author Commented:
I use javascript to remove special characters using keypress event
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