Gmail on 2 outlooks and phone

I hooked my gmail account up to a 2nd outlook (on a different computer). I was having trouble with all mail hitting both outlooks. It only was received by the first one that was received.

I looked up a solution and Google said to put add the recent to the username:  ""

Now my phone isn't working. None of the messages are showing up on my phone. Any ideas? Should I use IMAP instead of Pop3? I currently am using Pop3 on both outlooks. All I use outloook for is email, not other important functionality.


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If you use pop3 on your computer, you will need to set it up to Leave a copy of the messages on the server.     (Outlook: Account Settings -> Select the pop account ->Change, -> more settings -> Advanced tab -> check Leave a copy of messages.

You can use IMAP instead.  You just won't have offline access to  your emails on your computer.

What is going on is your computer is retrieving the email and deleting it from the server.
cansevinAuthor Commented:
The email is a work email that is hooked up to Google Apps. So it doesn't have it has It is all through google apps.
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