Configure N600 windr3400 as Gateway Mode

Hi Experts,

I am trying to configure a N600 WNDR3400 as an operating mode GATEWAY, the reason is that I have a Fortigate firewall connecting to the internet on the WAN port and on the LAN port connects to the N600. I would like to configure my N600 as a DHCP server, I noticed that it wouldn't work but my linksys wireless routers works if I configure it as a GATEWAY mode instead of ROUTER mode.
Please advice.
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Explain "it wouldn't work". At this point we don't know why it doesn't work. If we knew why, maybe we can have a solution for you.
For now, you're question is not possible. In Access Point mode (or as you probably say,  Gateway mode, but that could be misconstrued as still Router mode)), the DHCP is disabled.
If you want the DHCP enabled, it will use itself as the router, so that's probably not an option for you.
Solution, use it in Access Point mode, have another DHCP server (even a simple Windows PC can act as a DHCP server).
Or have it run out of the box (router mode). There's no reason why it wouldn't work, except if you have special networking needs (IP settings) that you didn't communicate here.
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