Unsuccessful debug of 'identifier not found' error in Access 2013

I converted the Microsoft Access 'Goods Inventory Database' to a local database and have been modifying it to fit the needs of my company.   One of the things that I had to do was add a 'Distributor' table along with the existing 'Customer' table.   My rookie mistake was that I am using the new Distributor table and information in place of the 'Customer' table because the customer (in our case) is really the distributor and then the Customer table in the database is treated differently.    I hope that makes sense.

I have everything functioning the way that I want except for 1 thing that has been extremely difficult for me to figure out (well I have not figured it out).   I'm hoping that someone out here on this site has more knowledge than I do about 'Named Macros'.    I have attached the database for your convenience and help.  
***When the database opens, the initial dashboard please log in as 'Temporary' and use the password  'temporary'.  
On the dashboard that is current you will see   "Active Orders" -- click on either order's ID to bring up the form.
Click on  INVOICE ORDER      and you will get a message that 'orders cannot be changed once invoice -- continue?'   please click OK to continue.

###   This is where I get an error that states 'The Identifier [CustomerID] could not be found'.        The identifier needs to be [DistributorID] as I mentioned earlier about my rookie mistake to change the table.   What I found out later is that there were 'Named Macros' associated with the tables and I think that there is code somewhere in the named macros that needs to be changed.   However, I have followed the logic and cannot find it anywhere.   I have run a 'Step Into' and slowly and methodically ran through the logic and it is getting the error after the Named Macro    Orders.CreateInvoice   --   I believe the issue is the sbfOrderDetails, but I am unable to find it (see jpg document attached).   It may be an issue of just clicking on the right part of the subform to see the error, but I have tried my best without success.

I have checked the forms, subforms, named macros and I'm just not finding where the [CustomerID] is referenced.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Linda QuintanaAnalyst, Business Process Development and Continuous ImprovementAsked:
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Linda QuintanaAnalyst, Business Process Development and Continuous ImprovementAuthor Commented:
After much searching, the issue was in a 'Named Macro'.   Since I am new to 'named macros', I was not aware that there is code behind the buttons on the design screen stating 'before change', 'after change' etc.    I was only looking at the list of Named Macros under the 'dropdown box'.   Once I clicked on the 'Before Change' in the Orders table, I found the code that was referencing '[CustomerID]'.   I changed it to [DistributorID] and it worked!   YAY.

Jeff, thank you for the suggestion.  I may actually download that software for future use.  

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Cannot log in because login box is Modal.
This means I cannot click the "enable content" message to run any code...

Please submit a sample without a log in screen
Linda QuintanaAnalyst, Business Process Development and Continuous ImprovementAuthor Commented:
Sorry about that.    Please find the attached database.    
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Not sure, ...but this may help...

IMHO, This is the best find/replace utility for MS Access
At the most basic level you should be able to specify to change all occurrences of "Customer" to "Distributor"
Do this on a backup/test copy of the db obviously...

Perhaps an expert here can chime in with a solution  your question as stated...
...so stay tuned...

Linda QuintanaAnalyst, Business Process Development and Continuous ImprovementAuthor Commented:
Thank you Jeff.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Glad I could help in some small way...
Linda QuintanaAnalyst, Business Process Development and Continuous ImprovementAuthor Commented:
Even though this was a tough error to find, Jeff was able to point me to a solution software that would have helped me.   I gave it one more college try and I was able to find the code myself, but I always appreciate the feedback from the experts on this site.   Sometimes, just a word or statement can move you in a different direction.   He made me think that there was code somewhere that I wasn't seeing.
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