Resource Mailbox Pop Up in Outlook 2010 when the resource is already booked (Via Direct Booking)

Here is my back ground.  In the past the "Pop up" warning use to appear, then changes happened in the organization and not it doesn't happen, is this simply because Outlook 2010 doesn't support it? or is it a permissions issue on the mailbox?

I do not believe the messaging team is correct.  “According to the Messaging Team, the pop up above is no longer a feature in Outlook 2010, instead users will get a declined message if the room is already booked. In this instance Outlook 2010 is working as designed by Microsoft”

You’ll notice the Situation Mgr. XXX used the words, “According to the Messaging Team” and not “According to Microsoft”.  I have dug high and low and have not been able to find a Microsoft Publication citing that this “Pop-up” warning cannot be done in Outlook 2010.   I would assume the Messaging team would have included such evidence in their email if they had found it.  I’m certainly not trying to be discourteous to the messaging team, I’m just not convinced that they are correct without evidence from Microsoft, and I don’t want to tell my Site Stakeholders something that may not be completely true.  

I have found multiple forum posts that mention a method of turning it on, while not simple, it does appear to be possible.   It appears that the “Resource Booking Attendant” is working as intended, with a decline response after the invite has been sent out.  However we are barking up the wrong path, the function we are looking for appears to be called “Direct Booking”, and as the messaging team has stated in the past, there is a registry fix in order to make it work for Outlook 2010.  In addition to that Registry Fix there appears to be an Add-in for “Direct Booking”.

Can you anybody explain why the above solution mentioned on will  or will not work?   We are using Microsoft365 for Exchange Hosting, and using Outlook 2010
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This link seems to provide the info on how to enable the direct booking within Outlook 2010...

I would however try to avoid using that feature moving forward.  The feature has been deprecated in Office 2013 as indicated in this arcticle.

Since the feature is disappearing from the Office products I would suggest just accepting that it won't work and moving on with the new method of email confirmation.
johnausterAuthor Commented:
Thanks rgorman,

I believe there is more to it than just the registry fix, but yes, that's is part of the fix i linked to in the question.

But the question still standing, does the "pop-up" still work in 2010.  And to your point, does it work in 2013?  It appears the answer is yes.  Just wondering if anybody has some solid experience working with it.  Unfortunately, I cant just configure and test, my IT org is too large, I need to be able to prove that this is "the" fix then have it implemented from a global level.
It isn't a back end issue at all.  It is a client Office version issue.  The link I provided describes the process of implementing the feature through a Group Policy for your Office 2010 version which you could apply to all users once you have tested it and confirmed it to work.

The registry fix was just one of the solutions which is essentially what the GPO would do for you.

It will not work in Office 2013 since the GPO option is no longer available to be set so if you go ahead with this you will just be delaying the inevitable.

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