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Replacement hard drive advice for sky hd

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Our Seagate 500gb drive has broken and I have temporarily replaced it with an 80 GB drive just to confirm the HDD failure but this capacity will not allow us to record etc.  I want to buy a replacement drive today rather than wait for one to be posted off Amazon etc.  However local suppliers such PC world and curry's do not stock Seagate hard drives and on the net there are quite a few people saying they have struggled with compatibility of drives.  My question does the brand of the drive really matter and what capacity can I go up to as 500gb drives are few and far between and the low costs of drives makes me want to go bigger.  Anyone with advice or experience they can share would be appreciated!
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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I don't know what "sky" is in your reference, but some specialized systems may have firmmware that require a specific manufacturer replacement drive.  If you're ok with an old 80 GB drive then you're PROBABLY (but NOT DEFINTIELY) compatible with any old drive.  I would say your size limits are probably dictated by common technology issues such as the 2TB MBR limit.  Given the prices on larger drives and depending on your sensitivity to "wasted" money, I would probably say buy a 2 TB drive (but NOT LARGER) and give it a shot.  I'd also stay away from Seagate these days.  The important thing is ALMOST CERTAINLY the interface type and not the drive manufacturer.
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If you have one of the newer HD boxes with a 500GB SATA  drive then you're not limited by manufacturer but you are by capacity as the Sky firmware can't cope with 1TB or bigger, if you want more storage then suggest you go for 750GB but stay below 1TB

In any event you won't get the full capacity of the drive for programme storage as the firmware partitions the drive and takes around 150GB for Anytime, storing upgrades and TV Guides leaving the remainder for your recordings.  If you are trying to recover recordings from the old drive remeber that it doesn't use a fully Windows compatible format (XTVFS).
EirmanChief Operations Manager
The brand should make no difference .... just the specs.
I remember when I was upgrading my old Pace Sky box from 40 gig to 250 gig (IDE) certain categories hard disks
were better than others. I think they were called something like ... Consumer PVR rating.
I don't know if this applies to newer SATA disks.

You should ask a question here ... http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=14
You may have wait until this evening for useful replies.
You will get advise on the max size/type for your particular box.

BTW Free software for transferring recordings from your old disk to the new one is available.


Thank you for the great feedback

Might stay with 500gb as capacity was never an issue otherwise from a price point of view may go for 750gb

I've always been a fan of western digital drives they always last for years

The original drive is making a swooshing noise so think its broke, might take this opportunity to reclaim some time in the sun and watch less television


Thank you all once again