Need some detective work: How can you see if an alias or username ever existed on an SBS 2003 or SBS 2011 box?

I would like to ask the more experienced people here about this situation and tips on some basic detective work that I do not know about.

Scenario:  Client had been running SBs 2003.  Robert Smith was the controller for the firm, lets say his username was BSmith, email address was  He retired.

At some point after that, the previous IT company migrated the company from the SBS 2003 box to the current SBS 2011 box.

There's an issue where a long standing vendor said they would send Robert reports to the address  The client says that was never his email address and was never an alias for him and no one else in the company has that address.

The vendor said they never got bounces or NDR so they assumed the client was getting the reports.

How would you go about seeing if bobby ever existed as an alias or user name?

By default, SBS exchange does not bounce back emails for addresses that don't exist, correct?    In SBS 2003 and '11, mail to non-existent mailboxes just disappears?

Back then with the previous vendor there was no outside spam service set up - the incorrectly addressed emails would hit the server directly.  Now with Reflexion, mail does bounce back saying 'The e-mail address you entered couldn't be found'.  By the way, would you say that is good or bad to do? It would seem that would let spammers know what addresses are valid and active.

How would you search the exchange store for a specific string like ''?  Or some other tips to see if an alias or email address ever existed on the server? Or in the active directory? Would that be a place where aliases are kept?
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The aliases would be kept in Active Directory, but if the alias does not currently exist that does not allow you to claim that the alias never existed.
Crazy idea but if you still had a back of SBS 2003 your could always restore it to an offline server
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
is there a way to search the entire exchange store across all users / emails / anything in the store for text like 'bobby'?  he never went by that name, so there shouldn't be too many hits.
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