Albhabetize List of Names in Word

Is there a way to alphabetize a list of names in a Word 2010 or 2013 list? , i.g. :

Name                  Signature                Date

, and as "Names" are added have an option to alphabetize them? (or this only possible in Excel) ..???

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If they aren't already in a table, but are separated by tab spaces, you can easily convert to a table then sort, and convert back to text again.

1. Select the text that you want to convert.
2. Insert tab > Tables group > Table > Convert Text to Table.
3. In the "Separate Text At" option, choose tab separator
4. It should recognise the number of columns for the table as 3 in your example, so just accept that.  If not, then the separators may not be tabs, you may be missing a tab space or have extra ones.

Converting the table back to text is much the same, including the choice of original separator, except you start off at:
Layout tab > Table Tools > Data group > Convert to Text.

If the separators aren't consistent as tab spaces on each line, then this won't work and you may have to do some Find and Replace actions to make them all the same throughout the list before converting the text to a table.
Are the text columns in a table?

Use Layout, Sort. Choose desired Sort by and Ascending/Descending options.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
No need for a table or anything else.

Select the contiguous paragraphs you want to sort: Home tab ―> Paragraph group ―> click Sort

This will sort the paragraphs in alphabetical order using the first word in each paragraph!
Thanks for the update, mvalencia2003. Have a good one...
Thank you mvalencia2003
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