2012 R2 RDS Gateway/Web Access and firewall/router

Hi, in Windows 2008 i had to forward port 443 from external (internet) to my lan to the gateway server to get rdweb to work. But in 2012 R2 gateway and rdweb (web access) isnt the same anymore. Is it still possible to only forward one external IP adress on port 443 in to my LAN to get rdweb to work? I cant find any good information on what i should forward. I now have it working internaly, but from wan (internet) i cant start any published programs, i get error that external desktop gateway server is missing.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
RDGateway and RDWeb continue to be two distinctly separate roles, and yes both still use 443. So you can colocate them or you'd have to use  a reverse proxy. In this regard, no changes impact this functionality between 2008 and 2012.

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per-wAuthor Commented:
ok, but can i install rdgateway and rdweb on same server? In 2008 they are on the same server, but i thought that in 2012 R2 its only possible to install rdweb on the connection broker or standalone? Is it possible to do like 2008 that i only need one external name and only one exteranl IP and only forward that ip on port 443 in to the server? If i in 2008 had rd.my_internet_domain_name.no pointed to IP 195.x.x.1 and that the router forwarded port 443 to the internal rdweb/gateway server, how do i do it with 2012 R2? Must i also have gw.my_internet_domain_name.no pointed to 195.x.x.2 and that is forwarded to the gatewayserver on port 443? So i need two exteranl IP adressess and not only one as before?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
As I said, very little has changed in this particular part of the architecture. If you put them on two servers, you'll need two IP addresses or a suitable reverse proxy. If you put them on the same server, you won't. Not sure where you read that either role has to be on the same server as the rdcb, but that isn't accurate.
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