FTP server

I need to know what pre-requisites are required for having User connects over VPN (site-to-site or browser connection?) .

or through browser connection.

Also need digital certificate?

Other secure web protocols?

Need HTTP basic authentication (account/password) also?

AD authentication? (why we need this)


Anyway – who is TechM network/security person that will interface with external vendors/state network folks to work out these details?
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Your subject and topic do not correspond with the content of the message.
FTP server > no prerequisites.
VPN > no prerequisites if using Windows Own builtin PPTP protocol (only needs an exisiting user, which has Dial-in propertied enabled)
If you want to do it more fancy, like an SSL connection in the browser, you can opt for a hardware appliance that has it built-in (including the certificate). It's almost no work to set it up, it almost does all the work for you (sometimes needs software installed on the client, depending on which brand/type, like Juniper, Cisco, Sonicwall).
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