explanation of table names in certain database

I have a db with about 3000 tables.  they are organized and what not but sometimes I have a very hard time finding the table I need.  Usually there is a part of the business function in the name of the table.
from what I see.

the identifier on the left side of studio manager under tables consists of a combination of two attributes.  the first attribute is the schema object and the second value is the table name.

example.   there is a table called sewerinstalldate and it is part of the schema   assetmanager  so in the left side of studio it shows up as


back to original point.... there are about 3000 tables.... is there a way to query the db table folder in studio so it will search for a table that has the word fire in it's identifier
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FROM sys.Tables
WHERE name LIKE '%Fire%'

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Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I recommend downloading and installing sqlsearch from redgate.  It is free.  There are certainly other tools out there that do the same thing but you can't really beat free.

PadawanDBAOperational DBACommented:
Plusone is correct.  You can also use a filter on the tables folder in SSMS: Expand Database group > Right click 'Tables' > Filter > Filter Settings > enter whatever your little heart desires (in your case for the name you'd be putting in fire for the name field and leave it set with default contains).

Edit - sqlsearch is indeed a pretty swank utility ;)
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jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
ok guys that sounds good and is working and I will give yall some credit in a second...
but my question just got a little more complex.
what about tables that have a column named unitdesc    in them... or something similar with wild cards
This will give you what you need I am not the auther but i use it all the time.


USE YourDatabaseName
 SELECT t.name AS table_name,
 SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name,
 c.name AS column_name
 FROM sys.tables AS t
 INNER JOIN sys.columns c ON t.OBJECT_ID = c.OBJECT_ID
 WHERE c.name LIKE '%unitdesc%'
 ORDER BY schema_name, table_name;
PadawanDBAOperational DBACommented:
you can also use:

use <database name>;

     column_name like N'%unitdesc%';

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