tranalate sql server sql to Access sql

I need the following query in Access sql ?

SELECT t_dispensing_metrics_header.AutoID, t_dispensing_metrics_header.Legal_Name,
DateDiff(dd,[Disp MA_End_Date],[Corp_MA_end_Date]) AS Difference,
DateDiff(dd,[Disp MA_End_Date],GETDATE()) as 'Soon',
t_dispensing_metrics_header.[Disp MA_End_Date],
FROM t_dispensing_metrics_header
where [Corp_MA_end_Date] is not null
and DateDiff(dd,[Disp MA_End_Date],[Corp_MA_end_Date]) >  0
and DateDiff(dd,[Disp MA_End_Date],[Corp_MA_end_Date]) <= 90
and DateDiff(dd,[Disp MA_End_Date],GETDATE()) >-90
order by 4

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Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
Very similar syntax between the two except for the DateDiff and GetDate() functions:

SELECT t_dispensing_metrics_header.AutoID
, t_dispensing_metrics_header.Legal_Name
, DateDiff("d",[Disp MA_End_Date],[Corp_MA_end_Date]) AS Difference
, DateDiff("d",[Disp MA_End_Date],DATE()) as [Soon]
, t_dispensing_metrics_header.[Disp MA_End_Date]
, t_dispensing_metrics_header.Corp_MA_End_Date
FROM t_dispensing_metrics_header
where [Corp_MA_end_Date] is not null
and DateDiff("d",[Disp MA_End_Date],[Corp_MA_end_Date]) >  0
and DateDiff("d",[Disp MA_End_Date],[Corp_MA_end_Date]) <= 90
and DateDiff("d",[Disp MA_End_Date],GETDATE()) >-90

Not sure why you had the ORDER BY 4 line in your TSQL

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GETDATE()) as 'Soon'
DATE() as Soon
and change the Datediffs slightly to "d" from dd
and sort out your order by statement, because
order by 4
makes little sense, and you should be good to go, providing you have a table
in Access, and all the fields are coming from it.
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:

also work in access and can be translated as

ORDER BY  DateDiff(dd,[Disp MA_End_Date],[Corp_MA_end_Date])

which is the 4th column in the query
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Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
<Order By 4>


Thanks for that.  After 20+ years using Access, I never knew you could do that.  Only problem with that is that you never know when someone might change the sequence of the fields in the query.
I never knew that was possible.
It, however, does NOT seem to be recommended

On the other hand, that could be very handy where the order by is a computed column with an alias, as the SQL rarely likes the alias.  But there are gotchas, too

Still, good to know

you should also be careful in translating "GetDate()" with "Date()". In SQL Server, "GetDate()" is the same as "Now()" in VBA, which means, a date AND time value. That can make a difference in some queries...;-)


Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
good catch, Christian!  I so rarely use GetDate() in SQL Server that I failed to pickup on that.

Is it just my perception, or have you been conspicuously quiet in EE lately?

Hi Dale,

yes, you're right, I'm currently really busy because I'm in the hot phase before a release date of my current project at my employer, not really much time for private things...


FordraidersAuthor Commented:
Thanks To All..
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