DFS namespace and replication

Dear All,

I have an existing share on a file server that I wish to replicate using DFS to other servers. I have tried several times to use DFS replication but the files from the existing share never appear on the second server. What am I doing wrong?

Server 2012 on both machines (and for now they are on the same subnet)
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AdvectusAuthor Commented:
OK got it working. The diagnostic detailed that WMI was not responding so did a bit of google work and came up with the following:

Open a CMD prompt in %windir%\system32\wbem
type mofcomp dfsrprovs.mof
net stop winmgmt
net start winmgmt
net start iphlpsvc
net stop dfsr
net start dfsr

did this on both ends and the replication started.

Many thanks for your help.
How long.have you waited? It can take many, many hours for files to appear. Have you checked the DFS Replication event logs on each server? Have you run a DFS diagnostic report from.the DFS Management console?
AdvectusAuthor Commented:
Ah, only gave it about half an hour. The share has around 160GB of data. I looked at preseeding but wasn't sure how (permissions etc).
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DFSR store its configuration in active directory including replication group

How your AD replication is running

If you have any AD replication issues, then it might not replicate new replication group to all DCs in domain and your replication will not work

Ensure AD is replicating correctly, check if new DFSR replication group is populated on multiple domain controllers

Run below commands on multiple DCs

Repadmin /syncall

On DFS server run
dfsrdiag pollad

Then check if you find any thing replicated
AdvectusAuthor Commented:
AD replication is running fine. I'll try the other on Monday when I'm back at work. Thanks for the help so far.
AdvectusAuthor Commented:
because it was the solution to my problem.
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