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Entity Framework ExecuteFunction DBContext not refreshing entity?

sbornstein2 asked
Hello all,

I have a issue where I am using unit of work with entity framework.   When I add or update via a table entity then do a .Add then .Commit(). for example everything works beautifully.   Problem is not I am using a ExecuteFunction call with generic <T> to call a proc but the underlying table entity is not refreshed with that procs update to a record.  

        public ObjectResult<T> StoredProc<T>(string pName, params ObjectParameter[] pParams)
            return ((IObjectContextAdapter)this.DbContext).ObjectContext.ExecuteFunction<T>(pName, pParams);

Any idea how I refresh the underlying entity in this case?
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Distinguished Expert 2017
Hi sbornstein2;

The default behavior of this function is AppendOnly. Therefore if an entity already exist in the data contact then if a record is returned from the call that has the same primary key then it will NOT overwrite the record in the data context. Use the following function,

public ObjectResult<TElement> ExecuteFunction<TElement>(
	string functionName,
	MergeOption mergeOption,
	params ObjectParameter[] parameters

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and modify the MergeOption to one that will apply the returned values in the way you need. Please see the MergeOption Enumeration web page for the options and there meaning.