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User Service Profile Failed At Login, Locked Out of SBS2011

BBrayton asked
We recently had some profile concerns on one of our Small Business Servers. The Admin account was generating "TEMP" profiles upon each log in and I was looking to stop this as it was not allowing certain programs and or patches to install. I followed a few guides and managed to delete some of the .bak files from the registry. Logged back in and they were still generating. I then deleted some other entries...

Before I did this, I made a complete backup of the registry. However, my last change to the registry has locked me out of the only administrator login. Basically, we are locked out of the primary log in to the server.

We are now receiving an error whenever logging in: "The User Profile Cannot Be Loaded" as the profile is likely now corrupt.

We have two Administrator profiles: AdminXXX and Administrator (which was locked, previously).

We have no other administrator level profiles to log into as a backdoor option.

I was thinking of trying a [redacted]'s BootCD to unlock the administrator account and loading the backed up registry but not sure if it works on an SBS2011.

We've tried the SBS2011/Administrator (built-in) but it makes sense this wouldn't work.

Though services continue to run, we need to know the best way to restore things and log back in to the account.
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David Johnson, CDSimple Geek from the '70s
Distinguished Expert 2019

recover from backup is the best solution in this situation. password recovery tools do not normally work in domain environments.  You do have backups that you can restore from and you've tested that these backup's do in fact restore the system?


What if I boot up from a SBS2011 disk and go to repair and go to CMD.

Then i type this command.  net user administrator /active:yes


we Use the WIndows Backup tool built into the server to a external hard drive.
Can I do A system state restore
We ended up restarting the server and the profile magically fixed itself. Consider this a fix and a solution.


We figured it out.