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How do I cite published authored articles from Experts Exchange ?

How should I reference in my CV my published articles in the Expert Exchange platform ?
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Joe Winograd
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Providing the link is okey.  However, it could be considered not enough. I am referring about mention what kind of platform is Expert Exchange, if there is a ISSN or any other  identification code platform.
Experts-Exchange is not a periodical the closest is the URL of the page.
I don't know if EE has an ISSN or "identification code". Even if it does, I think that most readers will be happy with a link. They can learn as much or as little as they want by perusing the site. I typically write Experts Exchange with the underlying link.

The most important point is to use the article link from the Link button, not from the browser's address bar (that is, not the URL of the page). That way, your reader who is a non-EE member can read the whole article without hitting the paywall. Regards, Joe